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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life in 24 hours

One common denominator among soaps and TV series is the omnipresence of coincidences. However crazy and improbable these mini plot gears are, they are exciting as they are necessary. Consider a love triangle. Guy 2 kisses Girl and at the exact moment Guy 1 sees them, secretly rending his heart. I guess that's the most common example. There are still some others that are more subtle, unreal, yet accepted in our consciousness as enviable, prepossessing, entertaining. Coincidences in drama dispel the perennial monotony that is present in real life.
If you happen to be living now, you might have felt unproductively slow, if not bored through and through. You feel that a year has passed by with only a handful of changes and conquered hurdles. Love wanes. Friends change. Empathy weakens. Work is stress. Life is boring. What makes it boring anyway? The answer can be found in TV series where lives are lived in solid 24 hours.

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