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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teaching in an International School

Full-time high school Social Studies teacher @ MIT International School in Alabang Muntinlupa City.

1) teaching World History and Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics; 4 hours/day
2) preparing weekly lesson plans
3) preparing quarter grades and all those teacher stuff

Full-time high school English teacher @ MIT International School

1) teaching Literature (American and salient literary works of other cultures) to Grades 10 and 11
2) teaching Grammar and Composition to Grades 9 and 10
3) preparing weekly lesson plans
4) preparing quarter grades, etc.
5) 4 hours/day

1) East-West insurance
2) perfect attendance incentive
3) teaching resources are provided
4) air conditioned rooms with large LCD & PC
5) small class (9-15 students)

*Work starts on March 1, 2010. Application is until Feb 24 (Social Science).
*Work starts on January 4, 2010. Application is open till the post is taken (English).
Send me your resume if interested.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Toxic Personalities You Need to Avoid

You are most of the time articulate, never tongue-tied, aggressive. But when a certain person comes in, say in your office, you feel like your IQ has been cut by half, your worthiness and competence severely challenged. And that unwanted feeling you can't just shrug off and regressing to being a second-rate worker is all what you could involuntarily do. Well, you could still wish wholeheartedly that your esteem bulldozer would resign or become sick. But that seldom happens.

If the above description rang a bell in your head, then here is a good read from Yahoo!.

Although we like to think that the people in our lives are well-adjusted, happy, healthy minded individuals, we sometimes realize that it just isn't so. Personally, I've had moments where I'll be skipping through my day, happy as can be, thinking life is grand and BAM, I'll be blindsided by someone who manages to knock the happy wind out of my sails. Sometimes it is easy to write it off and other times, not so much.

Maybe you are a positive person, but when you are around a certain individual, you feel negative. Or, maybe you have an idealistic view of the world and when you are with certain people, you are made to feel silly, unrealistic or delusional. Or, maybe you pride yourself in being completely independent and in control of your life, but when you are around a certain family member, you regress into a state of childhood.

Some of these situations, and yes, these people, can have a tremendously negative impact on our lives. And, although we are all human and have our 'issues,' some 'issues' are quite frankly, toxic. They are toxic to our happiness. They are toxic to our mental outlook. They are toxic to our self-esteem. And they are toxic to our lives. They can suck the life out of us and even shorten our lifespan.

Here are the worst of the toxic personalities out there and how to spot them:

1. Manipulative Mary: These individuals are experts at manipulation tactics. Is a matter of fact, you may not even realize you have been manipulated until it is too late. These individuals figure out what your 'buttons' are, and push them to get what they want.

* Why they are toxic: These people have a way of eating away at your belief system and self-esteem. They find ways to make you do things that you don't necessarily want to do and before you know it, you lose your sense of identity, your personal priorities and your ability to see the reality of the situation. The world all of a sudden becomes centered around their needs and their priorities.

2. Narcissistic Nancy: These people have an extreme sense of self-importance and believe that the world revolves around them. They are often not as sly as the Manipulative Marys of the world, but instead, tend to be a bit overt about getting their needs met. You often want to say to them "It isn't always about you."

* Why they are toxic: They are solely focused on their needs, leaving your needs in the dust. You are left disappointed and unfulfilled. Further, they zap your energy by getting you to focus so much on them, that you have nothing left for yourself.

3. Debbie Downers: These people can't appreciate the positive in life. If you tell them that it is a beautiful day, they will tell you about the impending dreary forecast. If you tell them you aced a mid-term, they'll tell you about how difficult the final is going to be.

* Why they are toxic: They take the joy out of everything. Your rosy outlook on life continues to get squashed with negativity. Before you know it, their negativity consumes you and you start looking at things with gray colored glasses yourself.

4. Judgmental Jims: When you see things as cute and quirky, they see things as strange and unattractive. If you find people's unique perspectives refreshing, they find them 'wrong'. If you like someone's eclectic taste, they find it 'disturbing' or 'bad'.

* Why they are toxic: Judgmental people are much like Debbie Downers. In a world where freedom rings, judgment is sooo over. If the world was a homogeneous place, life would be pretty boring. Spending a lot of time with these types can inadvertently convert you into a judgmental person as well.

5. Dream Killing Keiths: Every time you have an idea, these people tell you why you can't do it. As you achieve, they try to pull you down. As you dream, they are the first to tell you it is impossible.

* Why they are toxic: These people are stuck in what is instead of what could be. Further, these individuals eat away at your self-esteem and your belief in yourself. Progress and change can only occur from doing new things and innovating, dreaming the impossible and reaching for the stars.

6. Insincere Illissas: You never quite feel that these people are being sincere. You tell a funny story, they give you a polite laugh. You feel depressed and sad and they give you a 'there, there' type response. You tell them you are excited about something and you get a very ho-hum response.

* Why they are toxic: People who aren't sincere or genuine build relationships on superficial criteria. This breeds shallow, meaningless relationships. When you are really in need of a friend, they won't be there. When you really need constructive criticism, they would rather tell you that you are great the way you are. When you need support, they would rather see you fail or make a fool of yourself.

7. Disrespectful Dannys: These people will say or do things at the most inappropriate times and in the most inappropriate ways. In essence, they are more subtle, grown up bullies. Maybe this person is a friend who you confided in and uses your secret against you. Maybe it is a family member who puts their busy-body nose into your affairs when it is none of their business. Or maybe, it is a colleague who says demeaning things to you.

* Why they are toxic: These people have no sense of boundaries and don't respect your feelings or, for that matter, your privacy. These people will cause you to feel frustrated and disrespected.

8. Never Enough Nellies: You can never give enough to these people to make them happy. They take you for granted and have unrealistic expectations of you. They find ways to continually fault you and never take responsibility for anything themselves.

* Why they are toxic: You will spend so much time trying to please them, that you will end up losing yourself in the process. They will require all of your time and energy, leaving you worn out and your own needs sacrificed.

All of these personalities have several things in common. 1) the more these people get away with their behavior, the more they will continue. 2) Unfortunately, most of these people don't see that what they do is wrong and as a result, talking to them about it will fall on deaf ears, leaving you wondering if you are the crazy one. 3) Most of these people get worse with age, making their impact on you stronger with time.

Frankly, life is too short to spend your time dealing with toxicity. If you can, avoid spending mucho time with people who are indicative of these behaviors and you'll feel a lot happier. Have you encountered these personalities? What have you done? Any personalities you would add?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life in 24 hours

One common denominator among soaps and TV series is the omnipresence of coincidences. However crazy and improbable these mini plot gears are, they are exciting as they are necessary. Consider a love triangle. Guy 2 kisses Girl and at the exact moment Guy 1 sees them, secretly rending his heart. I guess that's the most common example. There are still some others that are more subtle, unreal, yet accepted in our consciousness as enviable, prepossessing, entertaining. Coincidences in drama dispel the perennial monotony that is present in real life.
If you happen to be living now, you might have felt unproductively slow, if not bored through and through. You feel that a year has passed by with only a handful of changes and conquered hurdles. Love wanes. Friends change. Empathy weakens. Work is stress. Life is boring. What makes it boring anyway? The answer can be found in TV series where lives are lived in solid 24 hours.

Friday, April 10, 2009

College Bloc-ulet!

Long live the S.A.R.S. bloc!
Why SARS you ask? It was in 2003 that we entered college, the same year that the SARS epidemic broke out in China. We were asked by the freshman committee to come up with a bloc name thus, Students' Association Representing Sociology.

I accidentally stumbled upon this very old yet youthful us during our first year in college. Mga blocmates, check this out!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Innocence isn't an excuse

It was my first time to teach in a real classroom setting and I won't forget what happened during my first day in school.

Student: "Teacher are you rich? Why is your hair so beautiful? I wanna have it."
Me: "Oh, thank you. Well, actually, I just used Suave. I'm not rich."
Student: "Are you emo? I really like your hair. Can I have it?"
Me: " can touch it if you like."

I loved my grade 5 pupils from that day on.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nosy Doc

Derma: "Sir, if you don't mind, I'd like to make a recommendation."
Me: "I won't mind. Go ahead."
Derma: "You'll look like a movie star if you get rhinoplasty. Though your nose already looks fine as it is, it can use some enhancements."
Me: *dazed* "How much will it cost?"
Derma: "Not more than 3000USD".
Me: Oh. Maybe next time.

Yeah. So this is what has transpired during my latest visit to a derma clinic. I usually go to one once every three months just to squeeze the ugly heads off my nose. I usually don't get as much zits as I used to when I was in college. I think taking in Vit C in megadoses does help. It's the only thing that changed in my health regime. Anyway, about the rhinoplasty, I actually had mulled about having the tip of my nose reshaped. But meh, whenever I recall my own reaction to people who I suspect to have undergone a nose lift, I had to think twice for my own nose. I'm not sure about the probability, but I guess there's a good chance that the shape of the nostrils of an altered nose would look 'enhanced'. I don't want to receive even the benefit of the doubt of having a rhinoplasty.

Thanks doc. But I guess I'll just stick with my good ole nose.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Avoid Pronunciation Violation

Vocal Warm up

The sentences below have been specially designed to work all the vowel and consonant sounds in the English language to warm up the muscles needed for good speech.

Repeat each of these sentences aloud slowly and clearly before you start your day, being careful to pronounce all the vowel and consonant sounds. These are not tongue twisters. Do not rush! If you feel any strain or pain, stop. Gradually work up to reading all the sentences in one sitting.

Eat each green pea. Aim straight at the game. Ed said get ready.
It is in Italy. I tried my kite. Oaks grow slowly.
Father was calm as he threw the bomb on the clock.
An awed audience applauded Claude.
Go slow Joe, you’re stepping on my toe.
Sauce makes the goose more succulent.
Up the bluff, Bud runs with the cup of love.
Red led men to the heifer that fell in the dell.
Maimed animals may become mean.
It’s time to buy a nice limeade for a dime.
Oil soils doilies.
Flip a coin, Roy, you have a choice of oysters or poi.
Sheep shears should be sharp.
At her leisure, she used rouge to camouflage her features.
There’s your cue, the curfew is due.
It was the student’s duty to deliver the Tuesday newspaper.
He feels keen as he schemes under the hutch.
Boots and shoes lose newness soon.
Ruth was rude to the youthful recruit.
Vivid, livid, vivifying. Vivid experiences were lived vicariously.
Oddly, the ominous octopus remained calm.
The pod will rot if left on the rock.
Look, you could put your foot on the hood and push.
Nat nailed the new sign on the door of the diner.
Dale’s dad died in the stampede for gold.
Thoughtful thinkers think things through.
Engineer Ethelbert wrecked the express at the end of Elm Street.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Switch that could Change the World

On March 28 you can VOTE EARTH by switching off your lights for one hour.

Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on.

The results of the election are being presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. We want one billion votes for Earth, to tell world leaders that we have to take action against global warming.

2,712 cities, towns and municipalities in 83 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009, as part of the worlds first global election between Earth and global warming.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can't stop laughing

I watch these two clips everytime I need a dose of laughter in the days of gloom. I stumbled upon them in youtube.

The Korean Goof-icial

Flip-ino Reporter

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hotta Fashionista

A change in season means a change in fashion. And yesteryear’s summer outfit probably won’t do for today’s standards of what’s in and out. You have to change or just add up something fashionably fresh to your wardrobe. This especially applies if you live in upscale places. For clothes shopping, instead feeling icky along the way to the mall, I just run Firefox and do some ‘window’ shopping. Yeah, I do open a lot of windows. Try Fenchurch online fashion. It’s fairly easy to browse the website since you can narrow down your search pretty easily by clicking on well-organized category links at the left-hand site of homepage. They sell men and women’s clothes. You can also search by brand. Take a look at Fly53 clothing and choose from among their shirts with the simple and confident designs. Of course even nice tops would flop when paired with disastrously cut trousers. If you don’t want to be an eye-scorch in addition to the summer sun, then shop for jeans in Jack & Jones. All denim products are of high quality. They also sell belts. Divine Trash deliver gratis for all UK orders.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Self-study Korean

If you're working with Koreans, you might have wanted to learn their language, Hanguk-o. Now is your chance to learn Korean by yourself. No need to attend expensive language institutes. You can learn Korean as much as you want and at your own pace!
I got the following software when I was in Korea: ReadWrite Korean (for those who don't know the Korean writing system) and Korean HakGyo (for those who already know Hangul and wish to learn grammar).

Anyone interested to learn Korean is enticed (lol) make the payment through Paypal, BPI, or BDO
Each costs 300php + 150php standard shipping fee anywhere in the Philippines.
Contact me for details.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snaps of the Communist North

Take a tour of North Korea through Eric Lafforgue's flicker photostream. I had been to North Korea myself but I wasn't able to really get into the heart of the community as Eric has done. Very good collection of photos.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surprise in the Subway

I thought this would be fun to share!
Drunken ajjoshi in the subway. Surprise!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Damage Compensation

It is but natural that under the system of private ownership, possessions and valuable belongings be protected from ill circumstances. It is, however, impossible that damage be kept at bay all the time. What will you do if, say, your nose got a little bit weird-looking after a rhinoplasty? Or what if your job has been jeopardized by someone? These are your possessions and you need to act in order to claim the just amount of compensation from the person who did the damage, wittingly or unwittingly.
Just today I received an SMS from my mom informing me that her car was unintentionally hit at the rear by a woman driver. Both were cooperative and civil enough to just settle the matter amicably. The same situation doesn’t happen to anyone, though, especially if a greater degree of loss has been inflicted to the offended party. And sometimes, the offended doesn’t have the money to fend himself or herself and get his or her rights backed up by law. Herein comes First Personal Injury. It is a service that help the offended their rights to personal injury claims. In our country, where riding the bicycle as a means of transpiration is common, bicycle accident claims are commonplace. And to some universal degree, traffic accidents, which kills more often that heart attack, can entitle one to whiplash injury claims. The latter could be seen in a trivial light, but whiplash injuries could be very distressing and could limit the normal physiological activity of the person damaged. First Personal Injury boasts of its no-win-no-fee legal services to people who are not be able to afford to pay for these services. FPI is also a bastion of compensation experts and lawyers who already have garnered enough experience to flaunt a no-win-no-fee deal. Drop First Personal Injury a line should you need an expert guidance for accidents involving children, including birth accidents and other medical malpractice issues. Rest assured that your valuables would get compensated in the fairest amount possible.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lunar New Year 2009

This week reminds me of one the most palpably exciting days I had in Korea. Two days from today and it’s Lunar New Year. Being one of the biggest occasions in Korea, and on where most establishments fold up for three days, I know I had to rush to the deparment store to buy presents for friends and to stuff up my fridge. Shopping didn’t take long. I’m not fussy when it comes to food; I’ve gotten over the aversion towards kimchi and I’ve learned to love Korean foods. It was buying gifts for my bosses that rubbed the best off of my Sketchers. Why not cigars, I thought to myself? I just need to look around to get a clue what middle-aged Korean men could want. Out of 10 Korean men I’ve met, only one has sputum-free lungs. Or probably not so because of the sidestream somke he’s already inhaled. Yeah, I thought I’d just get them a box or a special bundle of cigar and that would make them puffing happily this season. As for my Korean girl friends, I just bought for them fashion accessories from underground kiosks. It was dismally more difficult to find items for men in Korea. In one department store I went to, there were like 8 floors dedicated to women’s fashion while only 2 for men AND children. There is less variety of clothes to choose from, less accessories than what you can find for women. I just decided to grab cutely patterned neck ties and thin fashion scarves for my male friends. As for my seniors (“sonbe”, as younger people address older acquaintances in Korea), I just have to settle for bottles of Korean traditional wine and cigars. My erstwhile plump wallet has just gotten...well, gaunt. If only dieting is just as fast. Anyway, I enjoyed buying all these stuff for everyone. Giving indeed feels better than receiving.

새해 복 많이 많이 받으세요! Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Florida Court Sets Atheist Holy Day

In Florida, an atheist created a case against the Easter & Passover holy days. He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians, Jews & observances of their holy days. The argument was it was unfair that atheists had no such recognized day. The case was brought before a judge.

After listening to the passionate presentation by the lawyer, the judge banged his gavel declaring, "Case dismissed."

The lawyer immediately stood, objecting to the ruling, saying, "Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter & others. The Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur & Hanukkah. Yet my client & all other atheists have no such holidays."

The judge leaned forward in his chair saying, "But you do. Counsel, your client is woefully ignorant."
The lawyer said, "Your Honor, we are unaware of any special observance or holiday for atheists."

The judge said, "The calendar says April 1st is 'April Fools’ Day.' Psalm 14:1 states, 'The fool says in his heart, there is no God.' Thus, it is the opinion of this court, that if your client says there is no God, then he is a fool. Therefore, April 1st is his day. Court is adjourned."