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Monday, September 29, 2008

On Strawberries and Homosexuality

-log file from a chat with a friend (permission was secured before posting this)-

Friend: Well, I really hate gays...I don't say this to them but I feel icky yucky when they're around...especially the loud ones.

Me: I don't like the loud species either. But you know, I have a number of decent gay friends when I was in college. Some are even close to geniuses.

Friend: I'm not sure...But I guess they could choose not to act like one...I don't like the idea of men hugging men. hahaha.

Me: Then, we're on the same page, Friend. But I'm more liberal when it comes to homosexuality. Let me tell you something (and yes, I was able to come up instantly with these acronyms):

You only like Strawberries. You despise Durian fruit. One day, the MUSTD (Morally Upright Society of the Tyrannically Dominant, in collaboration with the OUGHTS and SHOULDS) promulgated a unanimous law:
"People who eat Strawberries are rabid monkeys! They should undergo treatment from the LAW (Living Amnesty Ward). They would be given Durian puree 3x a day and will be asked to consume Durian candy for as long as thee Rabidness lives."
They fought this through under the assumption that gays could actually choose not to actualize their attitudes into behavior.

Could be. But if I were gay, a gay Christian at that, then I would rather choose to be celibate. I'd rather choose not to eat Strawberries. But no one could ever force me to eat Durian! I just can't buy the idea that behavioral therapy could "cure" homosexual attitudes. It's heavy enough a burden for a celibate rabid monkey not to eat strawberries. Would God grant him entrance to heaven if he dies a virgin? I don't know. Is it unfair that, of all the addictions, homosexuality was the one that dawned upon his consciousness? I don't know. But one thing I'm certain about: the monkey won't eat Durian. Will he be sad? YES!

Friend: I'm following you. But heck! Maaano naman to ng science. Antayin na lang natin (Let's wait for Science to shed light on this issue).

Me: Sana nga kaya (I hope Science could).

Change topic:

Friend: I heard you're buying a new laptop.
cut. ^^

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just Another Call Center Agent?

I have been working as an online English teacher to Koreans for almost a year already. Being part of this KPO company was such a turning point in my career as I really never thought of becoming an educator, much less a web-ucator. Now, my career path has been re-carved by Fate, a sui generis entity created by none other but myself.

In the company, things were going well. My team mates were professionals; they do act like teachers who just happen to work in an unconventional classroom setting. My bosses...uhhmm...they were benign. They're quite detached from the tutors probably because of certain stereotypes that perpetuate themselves, whether they be well-grounded or unfounded. I'm not really bothered about this as much as I am with the nature of this job. I asked this question thus:

"Will my Korean bosses be willing to pay $ if I were their English teacher?" I think this online teaching thingamajig is going to be a big fat joke if they they themselves feel dubious about our English and teaching skills. To wit: "Are these Koreans just fooling their fellow countrymen by placing them under Filipinos speaking half-baked English?" And as there is a need to be fair, I also have to ask myself: "Will I pay for the kind of service that I give?"

There is one wish that I could ask from my bosses. I wish that they could be more than just benign towards us and show us the level of respect that teachers, in the original sense of the word, deserve. They should manifest confidence in their teachers, for we are not there to dupe anyone. And to the instructors, I wish that EVERYONE display professional behavior that is befitting of teachers. This reciprocation of attitudes and values between Korean higher-ups and Filipino employees could very well dispel the divisive spirit that has been there for an unwantedly long time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paper Heart

When I was little,
I drew a big heart
on pretty virgin paper.
The middle was hollow,
it was merely an outline.

When I was a bit older
I handed that drawing
to an unworthy boy,
who took it, and giggled,
and handed it right back.

A little older still
I gave it to a boy
who folded it carelessly
and stuck it in his back pocket.
It was crumpled when he gave it back to me.

I once handed that drawing
to a charming boy,
who promised to look after it.
Instead he cut it into little pieces
and scattered them on the floor.

I gathered them up, one by one,
and held them close to me.
But as much as I’d tried,
I didn’t have them all.
Some must have blown away in the breeze.

But then you appeared.
You took the little pieces from me
and taped them back together,
and you filled in those missing parts
with little bits of your own heart.

Then you did something
which made me stumble in surprise.
You took a big red crayon,
and you coloured that heart in,
before placing it in a frame and hanging it on your wall.

The big heart
that I drew when I was little
is now crumpled and frayed.
The paper is no longer virgin white.
But, you see,
it’s better than it ever was before;
because you coloured it in for me.

written by Cynical Romantic

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beating the Odds

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Like Makeup?

In one of our session, my Korean student asked me about my stand on body enhancement procedures. He asked me whether going under the knife is socially acceptable in my country as it is very much welcomed in Korea. I am aware that surgery is performed in Korea much more frequently than in any other Asian country. Well, there is Japan which rivals Korea in the statistics. China is closely trailing by. Going back, I told my student that I am not against plastic surgery but I am against the prejudice other people have towards ‘fat’ or 'ugly' people. And if these ‘fat’ and 'ugly' people don’t feel good about themselves, and if they have the money, then they could undergo liposuction or any other aesthetic surgical procedure. I found a blog that talks about plastic surgery. The warm colors of the website make it attractively homey to visitors. Elements of the website such as home, picture gallery, testimonials and free consultation number are arranged in such a way that visitors won’t have a hard time browsing through the site. Beverly Hills plastic surgery is a website that offers tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation services for women who desire to become more acceptable not only to other people but also to themselves. These processes of self-improvement has gained acceptance in wider society as if it were just an application of make-up. Self-enhancement procedures like these should be undergone by people who have the capability and desire to improve what needs to be improved in their bodies. Tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation are three body enhancement services that can be found in this cosmetic surgery blog. And it promises to deliver satisfactory results as the various testimonials show. The testimonials are not the only things that exude credibility, confidence and trust but also the various images posted in the site. The flowers parallel the beauty that one can get after undergoing the beautification procedure. The gardens express natural beauty. Los Angeles tummy tuck brings in an easy air that can relax the clients, and of course satisfy their beauty needs.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Supposedly Sedentary

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check Out My Cyworld

The English-speaking world has its own array of social networking sites: Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, and the list goes on. I thought these were the coolest ones that offer free service until I was introduced to Cyworld. It's a Korean-based networking site that offers much more features, photo enhancement tools (embedded in the website), privacy options, and most of the things you thought you could have lived without. One major and obvious downside, however, is that you have to know Korean.

Here are some photos I uploaded in my Cyworld hompi (homepage):
Team Rio
Karl, Sir Matt, Me
In Tom's World, Ayala Town Center.
I like the superimposed "sticker photo" clip arts the most! ^^;

BBC News or Funny Websites?

I stare at my PC more than I do at my girlfriend’s face. I work for more than eight hours at the office and I can say that it’s quite tiring sometimes. Good thing that there are jokes websites that could break the monotony of modern slavery. Aside from reading news, refreshing on jokes websites is something that I do when I feel dozing off or whenever I just feel plain bored. This jokes site feature a wide array of jokes including blonde jokes, dirty jokes, Yo mamma jokes, political jokes, nerd jokes, computer jokes, lawyer jokes, clean jokes, and many more. I particularly like Konglish (God the Farther). Haha.

Mission Vision

For a long time already, I have been a fan of natural medicine and supplements. My facial skin is quite prone to pimples by just being exposed to simple ubiquitous allergens. Hence, I had looked like a pimple with a face. I tried tomato extract mixed with lemon juice on my face as I have both in our fridge. After just a month or so, I noticed miracle unfolding. These days, however, my capacity to realize visually beautiful things (I’m not saying that my face is handsome) is being challenged by poor eyesight. I’m working for more than eight hours in front of the PC and I think it’s just expected. A friend of mine sent me a mail about alternatives to prescription glasses. Pinhole glasses is scientifically hailed to naturally correct the angular entrance of light that comes through the eyes. Honestly, I have never heard about pinhole eyeglasses before but I do believe that the basis of this eye correction product is scientifically sound. The most common visual illness is refractive eye disorder. This category includes myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, computer vision syndrome or cataracts. Basically, the function of the lens to refract the absorbed light has been distorted, or ill-refracted, resulting to poor eyesight. My vision is not yet as bad as to require the help of prescription glasses. But when bad comes to worse, then I will definitely try pinhole glasses. It does look a bit new, if not strange, to see someone wearing pinhole glasses. To me, I regard its design to be trendy and hip. At least I’m not going to wear something that’s uselessly fashionable. The main reason why I’m taken by this revolutionary item is its engineering principle, the science behind it, its affordability, and its natural ability to correct one’s vision. Tomato and lemon concoction is to my face as pinhole eyeglasses are to my eyes. Oh, I almost forgot: for only $14 I could have the chance to correct my vision the natural way.

Fiery Will To Win

When I was young I used to play Bingo with my relatives. Our family is rather big so we enjoy family games that have only cents at stake. Playing with risks is a bit exciting for me, especially games that require not only pure luck but also wit and logic. Casino games have been quite attractive to me and I want to try online casinos even just for once. You know, just so you could say: “I’ve tried that. And it was…”. Though of course I am more discerning when it comes to trying out “more dangerous” new experiences. KWIM? Online gambling could be this shallow a reason for someone to try, or it could be an outlet for something else. I don’t particularly care if a person gambles or not, so long as he or she knows where the line to being too much hooked begins.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apartment Rental is My Ideal Business

My ideal business is owning an apartment for rent. A condo could be much better but considering the financial capacity of an average citizen here, an apartment seems to be more feasible and marketable to people who are still saving to buy their own house and lot. I tried thinking back to all the apartment units our family has occupied before being housed in a house that we can legally call our house. Doing so would let me crystallize what’s good and what’s bad to an apartment business. I actually made a proposal in my marketing class about this. Luckily, I didn't have to start from scratch what a good apartment should look like. Lexington apartment rental provided me with good insights on what a decent residential space should be. If you’re traveling in the UK and shall be needing a short-term apartment lease, then this site could help out. Lexington apartment rental has properties in South and East Lexington, Georgetown, Nicholasville, Midway, and Versailles. Pay less while enjoying the amenities Lexington apartment rental provides. What’s more is that it has a 24-hour emergency maintenance and assistance from courteous management and staff. No need to worry about leaving your pets behind. You can bring your pet with you.

Real Estate in Arizona

Last year, my cousin left the Philippines for Arizona. He was fortunate enough to land a job in the US as a computer programmer till he finally decided to emigrate. He always told me that Arizona is such a great place. He sends me pictures occasionally and is constantly harping that I try out my luck applying in the US as well. His job is pretty lucrative, though his savings is not yet enough to buy him a house and lot and a car. Perhaps I’d recommend that he try consulting Scottsdale Real Estate Agent in finding his dream house. I found this site intelligently designed. One can find features such as automatic MLS alerts, full access to the site’s exclusive mapping tools, email listings, blogs, customer care contact info, and more. The homepage says they are doing serious business. Scottsdale Real Estate Agent is reputable in relocation, investment, out-of-town clients, foreclosure bargains. What’s great about this real estate service is that they could help one out in applying for a loan, in looking for best value estates, and in touring homes in person. I think my cousin would love to drop them a line.

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Not How Educated You Are, It's How You Are Educated -- NU

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Today, They Matter Most

The Consolation of Aging

September 13 is only the legitimate day when my ego can indulge in overflowing compliments, best wishes, and greetings of all sorts. "Why were you even born?", asked one of my friends. I do thank him; at least that could be a bitter melon in today's sweet salad.

Yeah, today's my birthday. And I was expecting someone to greet me warmly today.
That person didn't.
Honestly, I felt that by birthday won't be that complete without that person's greeting.

But I couldn't care less now.

After my best friend from overseas dropped me a line, when my lawyer-to-be friend went out of her way to greet me, when all my relatives remembered...That person shrank to insignificance that I was able to tell myself:

"You're not a someone to begin with. No, you're not."

These people are the reason why I should be happy today:

Thank you everyone for making my birthday kimchi-esque.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day In Seoul

I went to Jinhyeung's house for a two-day home stay during the summer vacation. It was my first time to visit Seoul. There I saw how different a developing country is from a developed one. Though of course, Manila is almost like Seoul, sans subways. We took the KTX train from Daejeon City to Seoul Gwangyeokshi (major/special city) and it was expectedly fast. In Korea, ppali-ppali is enmeshed with all aspects of their lives: transportation, eating, walking, working, etc.

The Kim Family, our host, was very generous to prepare for us this meal of 5 courses. Expect that you have to eat appetizers, veggies, meat, veggies again, rice and meat, and soup, in a Korean family's table. I thought that these people eat a lot! So here was my first ever home-prepared Korean meal:
[pic above] The rice and some side dishes weren't yet served. The table, after all's been cooked and served, should look more festive; the sight would be enough to make you pe-bo-lo-yo (full).
The host has been very kind to us; hospitality is out of the question. More than the food, more than giving us a place to sleep, I found a home in the very busy, and somewhat impersonal city called Seoul.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A love unspoken is a torment to one's mind,
a poison to the soul.

Monday, September 08, 2008

You're Invited!

Dear all,

Greetings from UPLB!

In the midst of today's issues, the youth seek for solutions and
answers. On September 11, 2008, the UPLB Sociology Society, UPLB
Development Communicators Society and the Theta Epsilon Sorority will
hold a symposium entitled the "DIWA: Alamin, Unawain, Pagtibayin – A symposium on the issues confronting the youth today", from 1:00PM to
4:00PM at the SEARCA Auditorium. The speakers will comprise of
young leaders from various groups and political parties, who aim to
have a conversation with the young people to clarify issues, provide
substance, and arm them with objectivity and hope, instead of apathy
and hopelessness. The speakers are:

Atty. Adel Tamano, President of Pamanatasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
(PLM), United Opposition Spokesperson and UP alumnus
Mr. Gilbert Remulla, former congressman, broadcaster and television
personality; spokesperson of the Nacionalista Party and UP alumnus
Prof. Danton Remoto, Chairman of Ang Ladlad Party List and English
professor at the Ateneo de Manila University

We are really hoping that you can join us in this important
occasion. The University of the Philippines - Los Banos community would like to see and hear from you.
To confirm, please email at this address ekdd14@yahoo. com.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Ella Kristina D. Coronel
(Socio Soc Tribo 95)


Vincent Baracao
President, UPLB Sociology Society 08-09
(Batch Band 06)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Grab the Key

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Owning A Car

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Advancing the Moolah

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Refreshment for Your Credit

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Dress Up Your House

A curtain is only as beautiful as its iron wrought. When we relocated to our new house eight years ago, I remember my mother arguing over allocating a larger budget for designer curtains. Our house is really not that big, not mansion-esque, but its interior quite requires a bit of glamour and zest that only not-your-humdrum curtain can deliver. Of course, as my mom says, the wrought iron should be on par with the curtain’s aesthetic quality. We scoured big malls looking for quality curtains; those were relatively easier to find that are good curtain rods (some people call an iron wrought curtain hangers/rods). I finally decided that we should just check the internet for local wrought suppliers. As my keyword was so general, “good iron wrought seller”, google returned to me websites that are not local. I clicked on them one by one so I could also get an idea of what a really good iron wrought should look like. In one website, if found fabulous curtains hanging from fantabulous curtain hangers; there were Victorian designs, Greco-roman forges, rustic wooden curtains and iron wrought. I told my mother that if she is really into curtains and wrought, then we should increase the bar of our standards. There were plentiful to choose from.

There was one site, however, that I wished would be local. It is Iron Wrought Haven and it offers more than just curtain hangers. It also offer garden decors, furniture for the house and office, candle holders, cabinet hardware, wall hooks and hangers, etc. Above all, this website features items that would make your house an abode. If you can see samples of an iron wrought in this post and find that you like it, hesitate no more and go to Iron Wrought Haven. They are currently offering a 30% discount to anyone who’s ordering now. You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, and other major cards. Their homepage also offers 24/7 live support so if ever you have more inquiries, just give the agent a buzz.