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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teaching in an International School

Full-time high school Social Studies teacher @ MIT International School in Alabang Muntinlupa City.

1) teaching World History and Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics; 4 hours/day
2) preparing weekly lesson plans
3) preparing quarter grades and all those teacher stuff

Full-time high school English teacher @ MIT International School

1) teaching Literature (American and salient literary works of other cultures) to Grades 10 and 11
2) teaching Grammar and Composition to Grades 9 and 10
3) preparing weekly lesson plans
4) preparing quarter grades, etc.
5) 4 hours/day

1) East-West insurance
2) perfect attendance incentive
3) teaching resources are provided
4) air conditioned rooms with large LCD & PC
5) small class (9-15 students)

*Work starts on March 1, 2010. Application is until Feb 24 (Social Science).
*Work starts on January 4, 2010. Application is open till the post is taken (English).
Send me your resume if interested.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I know this school. My daughter studied for a while in this school! This is one of the worst schools I know. Not worthy to be called an international school. It should be called a Korean school since almost all students there are koreans.. Tuition fee is really unacceptable! The school is very small and there are a lot of mentally and emotionally unstable students. I've noticed that there are a lot of kicked out students from other schools admitted in this school. They are just after the enrollment money and not on the safety and competence of students. Teachers are good, however I've noticed that every year almost all good teachers are leaving. I asked one teacher and she told me that the school's policy, the admin people, like Dr. Santos, Mr. Kwon, are big pieces of shit!!! Santos is a big incompetent, dull, ugly principal. While Mr. Kwon is a thin, dull, stupid and maniac owner! One story really alarmed me! A female teacher shared her experience during their team building activity with mr. kwon. She told that This maniac korean when became drunk, started kissing and hugging almost all female teachers and keeps on shouting "I Love you" to another female teacher. When he noticed that female teachers are pissed off, he started kissing and hugging male teachers and staff. I believed in this story because I saw most of the pictures and videos. If I just have the copy, I will definitely post it! To my fellow parents, be carefull on thinking of enrolling your kids in this school. This is a dumb stupid school! maybe you could try asking other parents about this stupid school! Don't be a victim! There are a lot of good and decent schools around. I salute all the teachers who've been very kind and considerate in teaching my daughter. I understand why like other batch of teachers, you've also decided to leave! It's a good choice. There are a lot of opportunities out there for you! For other teachers who are planning to apply in this school, think twice, do not be fooled by their promises! You'll just end up regretting your decision of teaching in that school after a few weeks. I hope that the department of education will investigate the legality and status of this school. I've noticed some illegal things on the school. Like renting out photocopied books for a very big amount and also by using illegal microsoft softwares! And many more! This school should be investigated thoroughly!

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